The year was 1970 something and this lamp was ugly.

1970's swag lamp yard sale horror

We think this lamp was from the 1970’s. I bought it at a yard sale for $2 because my daughter wanted it for her room, and I also wanted to win the “weird yard sale find of the day” contest. It won handily. Don’t you agree that this is a truly ugly swag lamp?

Recently sold it for $40 on Mercari. I weep for our culture. It reminds me of when I sold a bunch of trolls my daughter had outgrown. The buyer had a basement full of trolls. which he doted on. I guess it got him out of his wife’s hair, but it was probably unnerving for her to hear him down there talking to them (talking with them?).

It could be worse. Instead of trolls, he could have a basement full of clowns.

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