Would you rather get skin cancer?

I got this black wide-brim safari hat (The one on the right) from Amazon, great price, and it’s well made. The side snaps work great if you want to pin it up like an Aussie. It would kind of defeat the purpose which is to to keep the sun off your ears as well as your face, but you do you.

The only problem for me personally, I think it makes me look like Boris S. Wort, the second meanest man in the world. I dunno, maybe I am still mourning the loss of my old wide brimmed hat of many years and adventures.

Boris S. Wort Hat

PS If you click on the ad link below and buy one from Amazon, in theory Bezos will flick some pennies at me. My promise to you is that I won’t advertise anything that I haven’t tried and approve of.

Link to safari hat on Amazon; Sun Hat in black

Boris S. Wort courtesy JPPatches.com

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