Good advice in the shrubs

I was walking the dog in a trashy parking lot and found this page from a letter, I think sent to or from a truck driver, because it was written on the back of a freight loading sheet. This is all I found, it’s page two.

The page reads;

…enjoyed visiting with them today.

Life is good. I love my job and things are better than ever. People worry too much about status & money, and don’t put enough emphasis on enjoying themselves.

We enjoyed our visit at Hawaii Loa and got a lot done too. I later lived in an apartment with a Cornell graduate. He said many of the students were stressed out & some committed suicide. Boy, did they not get it! Cornell is a great school and said to be the most beautiful campus in America. If Cornell was too difficult they could have gone to a different school. Take care, Clark

P.S. The beast shall feed!

letter found in parking lot

That postscript was a little disturbing! Otherwise, I like this guy’s outlook on life.

I caught hell from Teresa for picking up random trash.

I Should have been chewing gum when she came back to the car, “There was part of a pack of Wrigley’s over there too!!”

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