Month: June 2021

Grain harvesting in Saskatchewan
Posted in The Matchbooks

What aboot the grain lift?

Once in awhile, I find a matchbook like this. No address, no phone number. Not even a company name? I guess if you are standing…

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Have a royal smoke, all hail the king. Or queen.

Rooting around in a batch of old matches, I found one celebrating the Silver Jubilee of King George V (Elizabeth’s grandfather) in 1935. There was…

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Hidden Geocache renewed
Posted in Geocaching

Can’t have nice things

We set out to find the “Unicorn” geocache, at Jennings Park here in Marysville. Sadly, all we found was the Tupperware lock&lock with camo tape…

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Posted in Back in My Day Flotsam

It’s unicycles or Canasta, or stay home and watch the Alan Brady show.

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heavy duty toothpaste tube squeeze
Posted in Flotsam

Should have done the toothpaste math!

I got this toothpaste squeezer on a whim because I like gadgets. It costs $9.99 – Only now doing the math on that. Rounding up…

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They'll do it every time RE: SHOTS
Posted in Flotsam

… And that goes double for covid

The age old vaccination double standard still stands. It’s even worse these days, because most of us have to go back for another shot in…

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Little girl wants a horse (Postwar magazine feature)
Posted in Ephemera

Take your medicine, Gladys. I don’t see any horses.

Folks were flush with postwar cash in 1946, and they were asked what they would like to splurge on. This little girl wants a horse…

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Posted in The postcards

Those that can’t do, teach

I like the facial expressions on this one. The CO looking down this soldier’s gun barrel makes everyone uneasy. Even in the best case scenario,…

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This desk will change your life

Show the family you finally known how to make positive life decisions with our industrial style computer desk that says “I actually have my life together”

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Posted in The Advertising

Iron snot

Little Lulu* was once a mascot for Kleenex. I don’t think I would like my Kleenex to be as sturdy as Lulu’s, only sturdy enough…

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