The manly art of selling newspapers

This was a comic book ad to sell something called GRIT, a newspaper? Magazine? I think it came out weekly? No idea what the content was.

GRIT magazine sales ad

If I was a girl, I would be fuming. The ad copy is clearly addressed to boys. That’s OK, the whole idea probably does not appeal to girls. But then it says “If you are a boy 12 or older SEND THIS COUPON NOW”- Now they have crossed over into actively excluding girls. Then- the coupon to apply to sell GRIT has the question, “Are you a boy?” What do they have against girls?

Anyway, I always passed on this opportunity. A nickel even in 1967 is not very much money. This was about the time I sold Christmas Cards, took the cash instead of the prizes, and bought a used Schwinn Stingray with the proceeds- $22.50 plus $2.50 my dad chipped in, after he negotiated the price down from $30. I would have had to sell 450 copies of “GRIT”. Do the math!

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