Month: March 2021

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Don’t like this website?

…. Then Consider the story of the old man, the boy, and the donkey. An old man, a boy and…

Comic welcome mat postcard
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Well that was interesting.

Got my 2nd vaccine last week, Teresa has hers too. We are looking forward to playing cards and bitching about…

Top of the morning St Paddy's dog
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Top of the morning to ya!

Our old dog Scruffy was always keen to celebrate any holiday, because he thought he was people. So there was…

WWII comic postcard, the skydiver and the bull
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Just my luck

This is what would happen to me if I was skydiving. I wouldn’t land over by the cows, who would…

Missouri Athletic Club Downtown
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Smoke and Curl

These athletic club matchbooks puzzle me. I guess they might come in handy in the bathroom? Of course when this…

WWII Army cartoon postcard. Mechanized Army
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Back to the stone age

This private doesn’t know that what they mean when they say “mechanized Army” it only means that they got rid…

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It happened at the vaccine tent

A new nurse listened while a doctor was yelling, “Johnson and Johnson! Moderna! Pfiser!!” The new nurse asked another nurse,…