Month: March 2021

Serving tray with toaster
Posted in Flotsam The Advertising

HERE! Make your own toast! There are green brownies later, so don’t fill up.

I was looking at my dad’s old Jensen-Byrd Wholesale Hardware catalog today. What’s this? I don’t get this serving tray- You have set out some…

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Posted in Flotsam

Don’t like this website?

…. Then Consider the story of the old man, the boy, and the donkey. An old man, a boy and a donkey were going to…

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Posted in Podcasts

Isn’t that special.

You all really need to listen to Dana Carvey’s podcast. I got my first dose of that last night, wearing headphones. Teresa must think it’s…

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Comic welcome mat postcard
Posted in Friends and Kin The postcards

Well that was interesting.

Got my 2nd vaccine last week, Teresa has hers too. We are looking forward to playing cards and bitching about stuff with our friends, like…

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Top of the morning St Paddy's dog
Posted in Back in My Day Friends and Kin

Top of the morning to ya!

Our old dog Scruffy was always keen to celebrate any holiday, because he thought he was people. So there was the wearing of the green…

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Posted in Observations

Side effects? That’s OK.

I got my second Pfiser shot yesterday, and am feeling invincible. This is the part where I get hit by a bus. There is some…

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WWII comic postcard, the skydiver and the bull
Posted in The postcards

Just my luck

This is what would happen to me if I was skydiving. I wouldn’t land over by the cows, who would just look at me curiously….

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Missouri Athletic Club Downtown
Posted in The Matchbooks

Smoke and Curl

These athletic club matchbooks puzzle me. I guess they might come in handy in the bathroom? Of course when this club was formed in 1903…

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Elvis impersonator with 57 Cadillac
Posted in Back in My Day Highways and Byways

Elvis lives!

Teresa and I were visiting Las Vegas for the first time in 2014. Riding a shuttle bus from the airport to our hotel, I caught…

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GRIT magazine sales ad
Posted in The Advertising

The manly art of selling newspapers

This was a comic book ad to sell something called GRIT, a newspaper? Magazine? I think it came out weekly? No idea what the content…

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