Dog Doo Patrol

I have about a 20 pound dog, only one so this is manageble. I made a simple compost bin by making a big hole in the bottom of this trash can, and drilled a few dozen holes in the part that is now underground. I buried it up to it’s neck in a remote part of the back yard. Then I put in some funky smelling powder that is supposed to speed up decomposition. I can’t tell if it helps or not.

BTW Other people just cut off the the entire bottom of the can, but my way helps it keep it’s shape.

Of course I can’t plant anything edible in that area. It’s our Chernobyl.

It’s good enough for our one relatively small pound puppy. But what about people that have a Cerberus and a neurotic great Dane who is a compulsive eater? That could become a real chore.


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