Annette? Yogi? Fried Chicken?

The paper says the Mickey Mouse Club is on at 5:30 on channel 9, and Yogi Bear on channel 13. It’s 1963, so no Tivo, no VCR. You stand there with the channel-changing pliers, and mom says come eat dinner or go hungry.

Yogi also has Snagglepuss, but MMC has Annette! Then again… Man, that fried chicken smells good!

Of course you go eat, because dad is home and going hungry would be the least of your worries. Doesn’t everybody eat when dad gets home anyway?

I wish they would reboot Yogi Bear with more realistic behavior. “Hey Booboo! There’s a pic-nic basket in this Honda! help me rip the door off!”

It is surprising that the ranger didn’t shoot him with a tranquilizer dart and send Yogi off to be Magilla Gorilla’s roommate.

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