Notes from a fool 2/2

One of my coworkers at my night job was going to make a fuss about something, so I told him, “My mama always says, ‘The more you stir shit, the worse it stinks’ ” He looked me right in the eye and replied, “Poop floats!” Then another guy piped up, “I like the root beer ones better.” After that, it devolved into a discussion about why poop sometimes sinks instead.

A HOT TIP… A lot of these “coupon” sites are full of codes that don’t work. But today I needed (wanted?) some flotsam from – That’s American Science and Surplus. They send me promotional emails often, because they know what side their bread is buttered on. But, coupons or discounts are rare, and their shipping is excessive.

This prompted me to google for a coupon code. After a few frustration forays, I found a code for ten percent off my order, using the coupon site – Which I bookmarked, in hopes of saving money at this and other sites in the future. We are trying to wean ourselves off Amazon Prime.

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