Month: January 2021

bathing beauty and duck matchbook
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The case for indoor plumbing

Here’s another gem from the Owl Cafe. This country gal is presumably trying to get cleaned up some in that there barrel tub, but this…

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Motorists in love postcard
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Not a good idea to drive like that

This old postcard is cute and all, and the young lady has no choice but to sit close in this loveseat-equipped jalopy. When I was…

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When the trouble started; jungle cat edition

So my wife says, “Why did this lady take a tiger to the beach?” I take the postcard and stare at it. “There’s a tiger…

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Sad Quarantined wife
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How to cheer up a spouse

Teresa has been getting down in the dumps about the restrictions imposed on daily activities by this stupid COVID bug. We have been able to…

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Paul Peterson She Cant find her keys
Posted in Observations

I hope she has mace in her purse.

This old tune is about a couple going on a date, they get to her door, but his hopes for a goodnight kiss are dashed,…

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Antique CPR assist device
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I’m not putting my mouth on that dude!

It’s a good thing that they changed the CPR to chest compressions only, (To the tune of “Stayin’ Alive” just by coincidence) – With this…

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The Floral Forest

I saw somewhere where a guy substituted floral foam for Woodland Scenics ground cover… Look how it turned out! Just take a block of that…

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She’s very dry

What is the deal with these “Hollywood” bikinis? The add to send away for the pattern says it’s for “sunning and posing” – BUT NOT…

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Lamp Chimney cleaning with bonus annoying sister added for extra misery.
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Lamp chimney cleaning beats protesting.

This 1951 newspaper comic panel appealed to the households who were still waiting for electricity, I guess. Although I wonder if they had the extra…

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We miss fighting with you postcard
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We miss getting smashed with the neighbors

The folks in this postcard send a message back to their drinking buddies back home, and I can see why they would miss the fights,…

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