Wireless? I think not.

When you send a lot of letter-size envelopes as we do, a label printer is essential. I got this Dymo Labelwriter which is supposed to be wireless.

Unfortunately, it did not want to cooperate with our router. Sometimes it would work, but only after a lot of rebooting, opening and closing programs, repositioning, wailing, gnashing of teeth. I would finally get it working, but the next time I went to use it, same thing.

AHA MOMENT- I was examining the contraption, and finally noticed a tiny USB jack. It was not mentioned or pictured in the documentation, but what the heck, I plugged it into a free USB jack on my computer.

Apparently it automatically installed itself as another printer. I fired up the Dymo software, and ran some addresses through it… PERFECT. Had some more labels to print today, PERFECT.

My wife then wondered why I was smugly walking around sniffing and hitching up my pants.

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