July 24, 2021

Never Jet Hot

Collector of Advertising of the mid 20th Century.

May I recommend the rattlesnake stew?

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Years ago, this was what the Furnace Creek Ranch looked like. It’s a long way from civilization (Whatever that is) at the end of Bad Water Road, I think. It is modern now, but I would rather go to the version shown on this matchbook. Notice it is only open Mid October to May first. After that is gets really hot and too easy for Death Valley to live up to it’s name.

Furnace Creek Ranch matchbook cover

Of course, some people like it hot. Notice the lady on horseback, she is wearing mittens!

We like to go to Las Vegas for the warm desert air, and will go again when the coast is clear. Not sure about going way out in the desert with a few quarts of water and a Geiger counter though.

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