KFIF Tucson lucky number promotion matchbook.

I would incorporate the lucky number on this old matchbook in my lottery pick, but the station suffered a sad fate as I probably would in regards to lotteries.

KFIF was a daytime station, and the owner needed a round-the-clock station to compete- but he didn’t want to deal with the FCC BS. So he gave KFIF to the university of Arizona, which was generous but maybe not the best business decision- then bought another station down at 580 on your AM dial.

His new station KIKX (Kick-X?) played great music, top 40 stuff I suppose, but you have to sell advertising to make it, and he didn’t sell enough. The cash flow problems caused his best talent to jump ship.

Here’s where it gets interesting. A crazy promotion idea involved a fake kidnapping of one of the DJs. So many people whined to the FCC about this, it caused a protracted legal battle and ended up with the license to broadcast being revoked.

It makes me wonder if maybe he should have stuck with KFIF and eventually got a 24 license for it.

Here’s the broadcast history web page detailing all of this;


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