Month: December 2020

Old Buick with too much in the trunk
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Junk in the trunk

Look at the way this Buick is riding! What does she have in her trunk? I know there’s a full…

HO train coming out of a tunnel
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Night train?

I was looking at the sad progress on our train layout here. Eventually the mountains on the back third of…

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Draw a paycheck

My dad was like that. Anytime he was involved in something creative or contemplative, he smoked his pipe, or at…

Post-coital discussion about birth control
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He’s French Toast

The gist of it is, “I thought you were on the pill?” “No, but it’s you who will take it”…

Wireless Dymo label printer does not have to be.
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Wireless? I think not.

When you send a lot of letter-size envelopes as we do, a label printer is essential. I got this Dymo…

Old Paragon Hat shop White Beaver ad
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The age of hats

Up until about 60 years ago, men wore hats, and usually, suits. Women wore dresses, mostly. Even at the Piggly-Wiggly….

Log for toothpicks
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Toothpicks 2020

Bob and Larry were what we now call “supply chain specialists” for a major toothpick manufacturer in 1961. This may…