Disrespecting Rosie the Riveter

I came into possession of some wartime correspondence. This fellow wrote to his girlfriend in November of 1942. Stationed in California, at one point he was telling her of a new law in California, similar to a Chicago statute, banning women from sitting at bars unaccompanied; they had to sit at tables instead.

1942 wartime correspondence

Are they insinuating that all single women are prostitutes? The war plant workers were probably in better shape than most bar-dwelling men, and able to defend their own selves. As for the ladies of the night, it takes two to tango, seems like the men should have to sit at tables too?

It is my opinion that new laws or edicts should be reviewed to ensure that freedom lost is completely justified by whatever good the law is supposed to do. Otherwise, what’s the point? I used to think that the government operated for the benefit of the people, not just the bluenose class.

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