Pepsi giveth, Pepsi taketh away.


I heard that Pepsi came out with a special seasonal flavor, Apple Pie Pepsi. They say it “mimics the texture and mouth-feel of apple pie.”

I had planned to get a bottle of this sweet concoction, just out of curiousity. Teresa said it might be good on the rocks, but I said use ice instead- rocks are filthy. There is always the option of making an alcoholic beverage for it, even a simple rum and Pepsi.

Alas, the ONLY way to acquire some is to send them via a a public social media platform such as Twitter, a picture of your worst baking disaster. And then Pepsi will SELECT SOME OF THESE ENTRIES to send this horrible/delightful concoction to.

Teresa’s baking disaster days, if she ever had them, are long ago, in the era of film cameras. I doubt we would have wasted film and processing to document a humiliating kitchen defeat.

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