HO SHIT Scale Railroading

Apparently, I forgot what a frustrating hobby this was, my last train set was about 25 years ago, and my first when I was about 6 in 1966 or so, back then I was fine with a Tyco loop and a few plastic buildings, on plywood. My parents later sold it and used the money for my cub scout uniform, and a bottle of gin.

Actually this starter table I built last week is stable, level, and on wheels in case I need to move it around the garage.

The start of something big? 4 by 8 train table

The first frustration, I bought a jug of brown acrylic paint and rolled it on the foam surface, to simulate dirt. I mean, even when there is grass, or track, or buildings, underneath it all? Dirt.

The paint is fine. The foam is good. Unfortunately, they don’t get along. As soon as the paint dried, it started cracking and peeling. So back to plan B; a huge roll of Bachmann’s simulated grass. First I am going to scrape off the loose paint so it will have something to adhere to. Wish me luck! This hobby is already getting expensive, but I bought a huge lot of HO stuff, DCC, engines, rolling stock (One of the cars is carrying nuclear waste!), track and most of the scenery supplies. Having a reason to hide out in the garage? PRICELESS.

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