Month: October 2020

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Why Teresa is irritated with me #456

An item for our Love and War files; I got up about 4:30 am to pee, and I noticed something unusual. Teresa was already up…

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WWII tiny hamburger stand cartoon postcard
Posted in The postcards

Baby burgers for the INFANTry

Is this guy on a diet or something? Wants Sarge to stop at the tiny hamburger stand for some presumably tiny hamburgers. Seems ironic that…

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Tariq or Larry Tate?
Posted in Ephemera

Finally got the Larry Tate card!

I got some more of those “Desert Storm Trading Cards” and there was a Tariq Aziz card! A prized card due to his uncanny resemblance…

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Posted in Flotsam

Little Johnny jokes still exist

I know college kids these days have no sense of humor, but for the rest of us who enjoy a tacky, juvenile joke now and…

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Grace Line Cruise Ship logo
Posted in The Matchbooks

Graceful batshit

I found this Grace Line matchbook and did a little googling. It seems that this company started out by importing bat poop to the USA,…

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The old Everett family house in Kent
Posted in Back in My Day Friends and Kin

You can’t go home again

I was looking at the house I grew up in on Google Maps, and I noticed something that kind of made me sad. That tan…

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Giant Texas Rabbit Postcard
Posted in The postcards

Remember Jackalopes?

Pepperidge Farms remembers those silly Jackalopes. Well, this one looks like merely a giant rabbit. The stuff of nightmares until 2020 came along with it’s…

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Airline brand portable radio hasn't played since the Eisenhower administration.
Posted in Flotsam In the Shop

I bring you… Music! Or… a house fire!

I would like to see if this old Airline brand portable tube radio from Monkey Wards still works, it uses a D battery but there…

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Excerpt from MAD fold-in gag
Posted in Ephemera


I came across these fun old Mad Magazine collector cards, this one caught my eye… This pair of cards simulate the famous fold-in gag from…

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The dog on a can of cut-rate dog food
Posted in Friends and Kin

Wet dog blues

Poor Cody looks so pathetic, especially when he is dripping wet. And I still have to carefully hand-pluck those little burr things out of his…

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