The Kingdome fiasco; 25 years ago today

On September 19, 1995, King County voters defeated a ballot measure that would have funded the construction of a new baseball-only stadium for the Seattle Mariners. Of course, the government knows better, so soon the Washington State Legislature approved a separate funding package for a new stadium.

My parents were living in Seattle at the time, and my dad was sooo angry about the will of the voters being ignored. I had since moved up to Snohomish County, so my chagrin was just for general principle. I know the Kingdome had lost a few ceiling tiles, and probably had other maintenance problems, but it could have survived another decade or so, and hosted many concerts, union meetings, or what have you.

I really think that this fiasco contributed to my dad moving out to Sequim, taxes in the Seattle area continue to be a thorn in the side of residents and businesses down there. It never ends.

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