The sordid tale of the Silver Slipper

World Famous Silver Slipper Gambling hall matchbook cover

Back in the day, specifically 1950 to 1988, the Silver Slipper Casino sat next to the Frontier, spinning a giant slipper on the roof. In 1964, they were busted for cheating, shaving dice and whatnot. Then in 1968, Howard Hughes had taken up residence in the Desert Inn. He did not like the slipper pointing at his penthouse. He thought a photographer could be hiding in the toe to get paparazzi pictures of him; Let’s face it, it’s the kind of thing they do.

After repeated attempts to get the Slipper people to make it stop rotating, he finally bought it along with the Frontier, 1968. He had them take out the motor, fill in the toe, and turn off the lights.

The slipper can now be seen outside the old part of the El Cortez.

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