If you take a belt sander to my Winnebago, I will tear your eyes out and have sex with your skull

I must be on a list somewhere of people who enjoy weird radio & podcasts. I got an email today from the distant past; The Phil Hendrie show.

Years ago, he was on the radio with what seemed to be a call-in talk show; but all the guests were coming out of his fertile mind; and an otherworldly talent for voicing them realistically.

The guests would say the most outlandish, and sometimes offensive things, triggering the gullible to angrily call the show and argue with the “guest”. It was HILARIOUS. I didn’t catch on until the third time I tuned in.

He has rebooted into a Phil Hendrie website and a podcast. I would love to have access to all his previous shows but it’s about $80 a year; but current shows are free. Here are the links. Sadly, I am not renumerated for admiring this hilarious and very talented man here on my blog.


… To get the podcast, just search for “Phil Hendrie” in your favorite podcast player.’

Now I am off to find Roy D. Mercer

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