Tune to the UHF channel located for your vicinity

Before my dad had cable, he had a standard roof antenna, or on the other TV, just “rabbit ears”. The roof antenna usually would do OK just pointed toward Seattle’s Queen Anne hill, from our outpost in what is now Shoreline. But if you wanted to tune in KVOS out of Bellingham, it would have been helpful to rotate the antenna to the North. I tried watching old Harvey cartoons from there, and the Casper cartoons had extra ghosts, if you know what I mean.

Old antenna rotator on my roof

Some TV nuts would spring for a motorized antenna rotator, that you controlled with a box on top of the TV. I suspect a lot of them got worn out from kids monkeying with them. BUT… I have one on the old roof antenna on this house, sadly nothing to control it. Next time someone goes up there we should bring it down and see if it powers up.

As you might imagine, dad was really impressed with cable when that came along. I have 10 shares of TCI stock he never sold. He said that his stockbroker just poo-pooed it and implied that it’s worthless now. I should try to sell it while I am sort of quarantined here.

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