Nobody fixes anything anymore.

Another item from my dad’s old 1958 Jensen-Byrd catalog, supplier to hardware retailers all over the west.

Card Table Braces from Jensen Byrd

This is a set of the locking mechanisms for card tables (Playing cards was a big thing too) – Today’s card tables have cardboard surfaces that tend to warp, and these lock assemblies today are easily bent or even broken. I don’t know that you can buy a good solid set anywhere. Anyone? If my dad had wanted a card table, I’m sure he would have made all sorts of drawings, then went in his shop and built a folding table that would last 300 years.

Dad was big on Cribbage in his old age, but it’s a 2 person game so we just played at the dining room table. Card tables are for 4 player card games like Canasta, or board games that take forever, Monopoly is a prime example of that.

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