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KJR Cash Card

Teresa still has her KJR cash card! We go way back listening to Seattle radio. When I got my first radio, there were THREE competing “Top 40” stations on the AM dial; KJR, KING and KOOL.

I preferred KOOL. One time they had a special feature on cryogenics; the idea of being frozen when I die, and possibly reanimated in the distant future, alongside the likes of Walt Disney, this appealed to me.

Ultimately KJR won the battle, but lost the war. They had an FM station they called the jet (Because Boeing used to be a big deal around here). But there are so many stations and ways to listen now. “Disk jockeys” are mostly history.

I don’t know who won the cash card promotion, but my friend’s mother knew the pot on the Big Money Movie and won it, and I was the 9th caller and won an Elvis album on KVI. I think I had to take the bus downtown to pick it up though, and DJ “Peter B” made fun of me on the air.

Years later, I don’t remember submitting an entry, but we won a basketball hoop with the Kool-Aid man on it. Unfortunately, one of the neighbor kids broke it. You can’t have anything nice!

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