We’ll see.

It is father’s day again, but I don’t even have a recliner, I have to envy my dad’s. I will probably get a “World’s Greatest Dad” trinket today, but let’s face it, my dad could dad circles around me.

My dad in his recliner, about 1969

I remember one time he was calmy sitting in that recliner smoking his pipe, and I started pestering because I had gotten an Estes model rocket catalog in the mail.

I tried to claim it would be educational and help me get better grades.

To dad’s credit, instead of calling me on my weak argument, or saying “You’ll launch your eye out, kid!” he hit me with the standard line from every parent’s toolkit; “We’ll see“. I saw all right. Oh well, it was soon forgotten, and I went back to my room to read Mad magazine.

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