In the Shop · June 14, 2020 0

Wimpy mower does not cut it

We got this Ryobi battery operated mower in fall 2018, when we moved here. I just put it on Craig’s List at a huge loss.

Here’s why;

  1. It almost always poops out before the job is done. The headlights probably don’t help! Who mows the lawn at night?
  2. It does not do a good job of tossing the grass into the bag attachment. To be fair, part of the problem is the incessant rain around here.
  3. It’s not self propelled. I am an old fart, and the back yard is some rough terrain. The gas mower I just bought barrels right through.

I put it up for $92, a quick sale price I hope. Please don’t make the same mistake, stick to gas!