Tiny bubbles

I was just a kid when Don Ho was in his prime in the 1960’s. Barely aware of him, and I had thought that Hawaii was mainly a sugarcane and coconut state.

Then Mr. Brady took all 6 kids, the wife, and the housekeeper (Why did they take Alice everywhere? Was it in her contract?) – Later I think there was a state patrol anti-drunk driving ad featuring the song “Tiny Bubbles”. Which nerdy me, I kinda liked.

I think my parents would no sooner take the kids to Hawaii than they would to Las Vegas. Just bring us t-shirts. One time they went to Las Vegas and brought me a card from the Rowan and Martin show that was going on there. (Because I liked Laugh-in) It was always good when they went on Vegas, I usually got to go stay with Aunt Jean and Uncle Marvin, and my cousins were always up to something fun.

A nod of respect to Don Ho- According to his wiki, he had an enlarged heart in his later years, and soon a pacemaker. Somewhere in there, he was making repairs to the roof of his house when his heart suddenly started racing. Shit! My heart starts racing on a stepladder! My brother was a roofer, I worked for him exactly one day.


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