That Oldsmobile feeling… Click!

Williams Chevrolet-Olds matchbook 1979

I have several different dealership matchbooks, which I can’t figure. Who smokes in a brand new car?

But I digress. When I was a kid, we had a ’66 Dynamic 88. It had spring-loaded ashtrays in the back seat armrests (later footrests, but that’s not important right now) – If you pulled the ashtray lid back and let go, it made a delightful CLICK.

I remember going somewhere with my parents, on the way back I was bored so I started clicking the ashtray. My mom turned around and said “Please stop doing that” so I stopped… for a while… Then CLICK…. CLICK…. CLICK…. Mom says, “Your father is trying to drive! Stop doing that!” so I stop… for a while… I knew I was pushing the envelope, so halfway up with the ashtray lid…. click… click… click… Then dad- “DAMNIT!! STOP DOING THAT!!!” Which stopped that nonsense. Until we were on our street, almost home… I had to get in CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK

There was no punishment or anything said. It pays to be the youngest of six.


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