When you HAVE to get out

One thing that has helped my fragile sanity in these dark times is playing AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR and it’s cousin EUROPEAN TRUCK SIMULATOR. I turn off sleep requirements and traffic tickets (If that is cheating, why do they allow it?) and sometimes I intentionally instigate horrible wrecks (There are no repercussions in the game, but I pretty much quit doing that because what if I forget and do it in real life?)

You can get these games on sale for five bucks, I did buy the NW states pack for $20 something, worth it because my old workplace, the Everett, WA Boeing plant, they NAILED it, and also on the way to Port Angeles, they replicated Fat Smitty’s and the nearby rusty quanset huts. The graphics are very good in this game, and it’s much more forgiving than the real world is, no one is sick, all they need it the ability to go inside the truck stops and say hi to Flo or Alice.

Mod truck Scorpion from European truck simulator

I guess there must be a mod to trick out your truck, this “Scorpion” from ETS is a work of art.

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