My card, it’s sanitary

Assorted "retired" business cards

I took a page from my dad’s uncle’s book, and had cards printed up when I retired a few years ago. First the one with the hammock (A). I have a few left but I discovered that they put me in a bad light, people expect you to do something besides lay around when you retire.

So I had some made that reflect my interests, (B) mainly collecting mid-century advertising and ephemera, here lately it’s been old matchbooks, they keep me amused during the lockdown. I also made some crack about being an “investor”… but that’s not even funny anymore. At the time, the kids on Reddit were saying condescendingly, “OK Boomer”, so I turned that on it’s head, and declared myself to be “An OK Boomer”.

My great-uncle’s card (C) had it right, notice that he has no way to contact him on that card, and nothing to encourage people to look him up. The original social distancer.

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