Remember Annie and Charley’s wedding?

Hey, remember Annie and Charley’s wedding? It was so nice of them to invite us. Marvin’s mom rounded up so many lawn chairs!

I think Marvin had a thing for Annie (And who could blame him?) – He joined the Army about a week later! Who joins the Army in October?

Matchbook from Annie and Charley's wedding

Anyway, we are creeping up on their 30th anniversary! I hope this Corona crap doesn’t stage a big comeback and close down Niagara Falls. They have planned that second honeymoon for so long. I think their first honeymoon at the hotel by the casino was kind of a letdown for them, Charley put a good part of his paycheck in the slots. You would think honeymooners would at least get some nice comps, but no.

Teresa saved the matchbook from that wedding, and thinks of them everytime they play “Funkytown” on the radio.

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