Month: May 2020

Sad martini-drinking clown matchbox
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The chemical way

   May 31, 2020  0 Comments on The chemical way

I don’t normally collect match BOXES, just match BOOK covers. But you have to love the martini drinking sad clown…

Funny comic PICK YOUR OWN nose-picking postcard
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Tommy is not being safe

   May 30, 2020  0 Comments on Tommy is not being safe

Maybe if Tommy had a mask it would interfere with his nose picking compulsion. Then again, he would probably blow…

WWII private does KP but would rather fight... cartoon postcard
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Just do what you are told!

   May 29, 2020  0 Comments on Just do what you are told!

A lot of people are starting to feel like this private doing KP in WWII – like, he’s not living…

Discover that Great Olds Feeling dealership matchbook
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That Oldsmobile feeling… Click!

   May 28, 2020  0 Comments on That Oldsmobile feeling… Click!

I have several different dealership matchbooks, which I can’t figure. Who smokes in a brand new car? But I digress….

Matchbook from Chunks Cafe on Main Street
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   May 27, 2020  0 Comments on EAT AT CHUNK’S

Chunk’s Cafe advertised Wines, Liqueur & beer, cigars, cigarettes, now that you got up your nerve, there’s dancing on Friday…

Custom truck in European truck simulatior game
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When you HAVE to get out

   May 26, 2020  0 Comments on When you HAVE to get out

One thing that has helped my fragile sanity in these dark times is playing AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR and it’s cousin…

Barney's Casino Matchbook before it became Bill's casino
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Barney’s Lake Tahoe

   May 25, 2020  0 Comments on Barney’s Lake Tahoe

I plucked out this Barney’s Casino matchbook just because I liked the colors and design. I knew nothing about the…

Winner's Inn and Star broiler match book
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Viva Winnemucca?

   May 24, 2020  0 Comments on Viva Winnemucca?

This Matchbook from The Winner’s Inn in Winnemucca is one of my favorites from my casino collection. I like the…

Little 3d printed coaster suitable for shot glasses
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I accidentally made something useful?

   May 23, 2020  0 Comments on I accidentally made something useful?

I decided to fire up my 3D printer, not sure if I have the settings right so I just printed…

Assorted business cards for retired people
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My card, it’s sanitary

   May 22, 2020  0 Comments on My card, it’s sanitary

I took a page from my dad’s uncle’s book, and had cards printed up when I retired a few years…