Bicentennial Migraine

As we celebrated the 200th year of this great nation, advertising salesmen were out in force, and these “Happy Birthday America” matchbooks are the result. Mainly used as advertising within for banks, it appears they made at least 3 dozen designs in the set. I only have about 6 so far, maybe more waiting to have the matched removed, and to be flattened.

Bicentennial matchbook series

It’s fun to collect sets, but the collages here give me a headache.

I stayed at Aunt Jean and Uncle Marvin’s house that summer. I remember there was a neighborhood BBQ, a lady that was passing out burgers stopped me, standing there with a paper plate, drooling. Apparently she thought I was a mooch from the next block over? Anyway cousin Kenny vouched for me, and then aunt Jean. So she grudgingly let me have a burger.

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