Yes, we have no bananas

Sad looking Musa Faju or whatever you call those no-banana banana trees
Nothing sadder than this shriveled wretch of a banana tree.

I chopped down the ornamental banana tree by our front door today, as we are in for a cold spell, I put a tarp over the root and a bunch of banana leaves, grass clippings, and beauty bark over that. 

That was such an ordeal, I left the other two alone for now, to fend for their own selves. They sure look sad this time of year. I think they are Musa Basjoo, and I get conflicting information on how to help them survive the winter. This is our first winter at this house, and the lady across the street says that the former owner never did anything at all to those plants. When we moved in it looked like the set of “Gilligan’s Island” out there.

This is a cross section of a banana tree trunk. It looks kinda like an onion from a poorly run hamburger stand. I think the black stripe is from my brushwhacker blade. Probably all the rain we have been getting caused it to be all slimy and nasty looking.

APRIL 2020 UPDATE – We are digging up those banana trees. In this zone, they are just pathetic looking most of the year, or have to be dug up and stored then replanted in spring (Forget that!) or chopped to the ground. They just aren’t suitable here.


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