Sally Struthers is a dingbat

I don’t know how Sally Struthers ended up pitching correspondence courses for so many years. I remember when she interrupted The Rockford Files, she gave you a huge list of careers to choose from, way more than shown on this matchbook. I think it was aimed at people who were out of high school but were kind of aimless.

Learn the fine art of cigarette lighter repair at home in your spare time!

Mom and dad were always nagging about going to college, how about if I skip that drag and learn the fine art of motel management? Would I get a 3 for the price of two deal? Motel Management, Interior Decorating, and uh, Lawnmower Repair? I would be set for life! And I could go to the bartending academy just for shits and giggles!

Hush now, The Rockford Files is back on, and Angel is trying to triple-cross Jim… You really have to pay attention when Angel is up to his old tricks.

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