The tackiest place in all of tackyland

Pink and White gaudy matchbook from Circus Circus

There is a special place in my heart for the Circus Circus in Las Vegas, and I don’t mean indigestion. We have spent many happy hours there, and used it for our base of operations for exploring Las Vegas and that part of Nevada.

It saddens me to see it turned into a ghost town, but this is temporary, and Las Vegas will come roaring back when this Corona crap is under control.

inside a circus circus matchbook

The facilities shown inside the matchbook are all still there, except the Silver City casino, some dude bought it but couldn’t get a gaming license for some reason. Developers played “hot potato” with it for several years, then in 2004 they tore it down (It had probably deteriorated over the years). Put up a Ross clothing store and a strip mall. BORING!

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