If you have to jog to the outhouse…

Old postcard featuring a boy running to the outhouse

It seems that the hoarding is not the sole cause of the toilet paper “shortage”. You see, there are two types of toilet paper; those designed for homes, maybe hotels and the like; nice and soft. Then there is “industry” toilet paper, used in factories, institutions, and other high-traffic restroom facilities. These typically have narrow rolls and hold a lot more paper per roll.

The different types of toilet paper are made with different pulp, using different machinery and packaging. It’s very expensive to change a facility to produce the other kind.

So now a LOT of people are, uh, pooping at home, sometimes tripling a household’s consumption. The industrial grade TP doesn’t fit your roller, and much of it is locked up in janitor’s closets of various businesses.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, go easy on the Charmin, OK?

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