Make my own damn mask!

My wife is starting to think maybe a mask at the grocery store wouldn’t be a bad idea; I very rarely go so it’s a moot point for me. She wants to just sew up the masks from fabric she has laying around, I guess that’s better than nothing? It all feels so surreal.

Dick, Jane and Sally, looking for masks to wear to the grocery.

We were talking last night about how this would go down if there was no Internet, going back even farther, if this had happened before DVDs, before VHS tapes… When I was a kid we had a party line, so you could hardly talk on the phone because my mom and sisters would be heating up the copper.

I guess there were a lot more woodlands to amuse yourself in back then, and I think president Eisenhower would at least make you feel as if something was being done. It would be duck and cover, and wash your hands.

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