The Great American AWESOME

I normally only collect old book matches, but this matchbox from The Great American Food and Beverage Co. Conglomeration (A SoCal chain but they had expanded to Seattle’s Lake Union in the 80’s) – It has the, uh, grooviest? Uncle Sam mascot. He looks like something out of “Schoolhouse Rock”.

Great American Food and Beverage Co. Matches.

It all started in LA, the charismatic owner gave aspiring performers a way to survive economically. They would break into song, and play instruments, all the while serving huge portions that a starving artist could live on for a week.

I wonder if maybe the Seattle location didn’t fare as well? Because of the Seattle Freeze. And it was probably hard to find performer/waiters.

PS. Here’s some more reading from people who were there (Please scroll down)

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