Scotch. Scotchy scotch scotch.

I’ve been passing some of this “quarantine time” looking at matchbooks I have accumulated. There are some interesting collections on YouTube, and I have learned a few things today.

Such as? In 1972, it was decided that the strike surface should not be in the area below the matches, because some people refused to “Close Cover Before Striking” (Does this remind you of the folks that disregard the Social Distancing and quarantine rules?)

The Beverly Hills branch had the best Scotch. Say hi to Mr. Drysdale.

So anyway…. this example is clearly pre-1972, as the match striking surface is right there below the matches. Frankly I don’t see the problem, you would have to be pretty clumsy to light the other matches on fire with the one you are trying to light your pipe with. I seem to recall my dad would just strike the match on his jeans anyway.

Manufacturer’s Bank still exists, but in name only; It’s a subsidiary of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. These classy 30-strike matchbooks probably came in handy while smoking big cigars and making huge garment industry deals.

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