Where the elite meet to make backroom deals

The Tyee Motor Inn in Tumwater, Wa looks kinda tacky by today’s standards, but apparently this was where state politicians once met to cement alliances, make deals, and other shenanigans I guess. The Olympia News Tribune; ” the deals were cut in the dining room, around the pool, in the bar – and sometimes in the bedrooms of the Tyee.”

Major entertainment icons such as Frank Sinatra and Liberace appeared there (In the Tom-Tom room?) The place was built in 1958, and apparently no one objected.

The complex sustained major damage in fires of 1970 and 1972. Later reforms were enacted requiring lobbyists to disclose their expenses, so no more big parties and free rooms from them. That lead to a steady decline… Sadly, today, there is a Fred Meyer where the legendary party powerhouse once stood.

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