Month: March 2020

Seattle Monorail was a novelty in 1962
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World’s Fair Matches. Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

   March 31, 2020  0 Comments on World’s Fair Matches. Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

In 1962, folks flocked to Seattle to marvel at the world of tomorrow, riding the monorail, the “bubbleator”, and checking…

Dick and Jane Coronavirus fun
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Make my own damn mask!

   March 30, 2020  0 Comments on Make my own damn mask!

My wife is starting to think maybe a mask at the grocery store wouldn’t be a bad idea; I very…

Micheal Dean's restaurant matchbook
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I never got one…

   March 29, 2020  0 Comments on I never got one…

I could have gotten a “world famous” burger at Micheal Dean’s Dining Emporium, but as far as I can tell…

Vineyard sexy French cartoon postcard
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Full of the hood

   March 28, 2020  0 Comments on Full of the hood

This card translates to either “This time, I’m full of the hood!” or”This time, I’ve got a lot on my…

French tourist gets the deluxe treatment
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On the wine route…

   March 27, 2020  0 Comments on On the wine route…

At first I was thinking, “OMG What is he going to do with that bottle of ketchup?” but apparently it’s…

Zombie incident response truck
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Trouble at the Home Depot?

   March 27, 2020  0 Comments on Trouble at the Home Depot?

Some years ago, we were fixing to go in the hardware store, but then I saw this in the parking…

Great American Food and Beverage Co. Matchbox
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The Great American AWESOME

   March 25, 2020  0 Comments on The Great American AWESOME

I normally only collect old book matches, but this matchbox from The Great American Food and Beverage Co. Conglomeration (A…

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Scotch. Scotchy scotch scotch.

   March 24, 2020  0 Comments on Scotch. Scotchy scotch scotch.

I’ve been passing some of this “quarantine time” looking at matchbooks I have accumulated. There are some interesting collections on…

Giant prarie dogs and boots in Oklahoma
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Meanwhile, in Oklahoma

   March 21, 2020  0 Comments on Meanwhile, in Oklahoma

Mutant groundhogs! Giant boots! And a sometimes deadly virus. This is starting to sound like a movie Pearl picked out…

Shit got real emergency toilet paper rolls
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The truest thing I know this week

   March 20, 2020  0 Comments on The truest thing I know this week

I was searching for toilet paper online (Finally found a prison-grade 18 pack for $50 at Office Depot) – I…