Kill the dandruff germ!

purple Newbro Herpicide bottle

I picked up this neat bottle at the Saturday auction, it once contained “Newbro’s Herpicide” and claimed that it “kills the dandruff germ”.

Mr. Newbro had some wacky ideas about what causes dandruff and baldness. I read up on this product at the National Museum of American History website. It was widely sold in the 1930’s.

The Herpicide advertising slogan, accompanied by drawings of a man’s balding head, was “Going (Herpicide will save it)…going (Herpicide will save it)…gone! (Too late for Herpicide).” The phrase “Too late for Herpicide” became a popular catch phrase of the 1920s and remained popular into the 1950s, long after Newbro’s Herpicide was being sold.

Read more at the Smithsonian’s website;

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