Sell Christmas cards, win a shotgun

When I was a kid, I earned money by selling Christmas cards, and in the spring, seed packets- I got my inventory from outfits like “Junior Sales Club” who advertised in comic books- this example is from a 1967 issue of Sad Sack*.

As you see, if you sold a certain number of boxes of cards (They were VERY easy to sell) You could get… A knife and axe set? A bicycle? A shotgun? A bugle? Too many choices! I did the math and took the commission deal instead. I managed to scrounge up $22.50, I remember because the guy selling the bike finally agreed to take $25 (My dad negotiated that deal) and dad chipped in the other $2.50 – I couldn’t get a bike for Christmas or my birthday because my mom heard about some kid that crashed his and got a skull fracture (no helmets back then)… So buying my own became imperative.

It’s a shame that today’s kids don’t have this opportunity.

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