July 24, 2021

Never Jet Hot

Collector of Advertising of the mid 20th Century.

Smoking at the credit union

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Contra Costa School Credit Union Matchbook.

The Contra Costa Schools credit union proudly advertised their new HQ on these matches. Inside, there is a pitch for getting a home improvement loan. If they only know how much their real estate would appreciate in the ensuing years. Home improvement was a great idea, especially if you were like the guy in the ad, and you could just shove a pipe in your mouth, and once you got the old Borkum Riff going (My dad’s brand), you could put up a carport or most any project without contractors; because somehow men back then just figured it out.

Ad for home improvement loan, happy homeowner fixing to build a carport.

Somewhere along the line, they became 1st Nor Cal credit union, now with four branches. It was a great way to expand the customer base, as school employees are notoriously broke all the time.

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