Month: February 2020

cartoon drink in barrel dispensing not beer
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Beer Hall Synergy

   February 27, 2020  0 Comments on Beer Hall Synergy

Still going through these “risque” cards from the 1950’s I think. Some of them are just weird. There is some…

Let's go bowling matchbook graphics
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Let’s go bowling!

   February 26, 2020  0 Comments on Let’s go bowling!

I can’t even remember the last time I’ve been in a bowling alley. Why? We need to do that. This…

Newlyweds but guest won't leave
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The man who would not leave

   February 25, 2020  0 Comments on The man who would not leave

From a stack of these assorted old risque cards- This guy just won’t leave so the newlyweds just said what…

Risque wallet cards of the 1950's
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Sure, use the guest towels

   February 23, 2020  0 Comments on Sure, use the guest towels

I got a stack of these assorted risque cards, from the 50’s I guess? I’m not sure what situation would…

Big Fish cartoon postcard, checkbox style
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Write home… Check!

   February 19, 2020  0 Comments on Write home… Check!

These old “checkbox” postcards were quite handy. They cover most common things people write on postcards, just check off the…

Furnace filter then and now
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Check your furnace filter ma’am?

   February 16, 2020  0 Comments on Check your furnace filter ma’am?

We didn’t have any heating problems, but it was a good idea to up and change the furnace filter today,…

Cure for dandruff germ bottle 1930s
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Kill the dandruff germ!

   February 15, 2020  0 Comments on Kill the dandruff germ!

I picked up this neat bottle at the Saturday auction, it once contained “Newbro’s Herpicide” and claimed that it “kills…

The Tale of The Seahorse corny postcard
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Good God, Lemon! Seahorses

   February 13, 2020  0 Comments on Good God, Lemon! Seahorses

From postcard dynasty Carman and Casey, The people who brought you “The story of Shells” and “The Legend of the…

Nikko sushi bar logo
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That’s a different Nikko

   February 12, 2020  0 Comments on That’s a different Nikko

The person that collected these matchbook originally must have been quite the traveller. He got this one at the Nikko…

On the phone again landline 69
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On the phone again

   February 10, 2020  0 Comments on On the phone again

My sister Cheryl was always on the phone, good thing we weren’t on a party line anymore. Not sure who…