Our new humidifier is swell!

I’m very pleased with our new Homedics “TotalComfort UltrasonicHumidifier” with warm and cool mist. Here are the features, pros, and cons; I was going to post an affiliate link to Amazon on this, but as of this writing they want $142.98 for the exact same contraption I got at Costco for $79.99 – I told Teresa and she said “All that glitters is not gold”. What does that have to do with it?


  • Top Fill 2-gallon Tank Capacity for up to 120-hours Runtime
  • 5 Mist Control Settings & 360° Mist Nozzle provide customized Choices
  • Auto-off Timer Up to 12 Hours
  • Built-in Night-light and Auto Shutoff When Tank is Empty
  • Essential Oil Tray & Included Starter Kit Let You Add Aroma to the Experience

PROS AND CONS: I don’t know whether it’s the placebo effect or what, but the congestion/coughing I was enduring a few days ago is about gone. It was pretty bad for several days before that, and I don’t like decongestants (they make me kind of dizzy) and netti-pots or whatever, that just sounds gross.

You can see the stream of humid air coming out, and it can be aimed in all directions. I also like the blue night lights and bubbly noises, it’s like having an aqaurium without the guppies floating on top. I wonder if it would be ok to put a little scuba diver and a chest of gold in the water? They don’t specifically exclude it.

Unfortunately I can’t have it on at night, because my wife doesn’t like the bubbly noise. I think her parents made her watch Lawrence Welk and it traumatized her. If it was just me, I would set it to keep going for maybe an hour until I drift off. I have it set to go to 55% humidity… You wouldn’t want it much higher than that. It is usually 40 to 45 in there without it.

That’s really the only gripe I have with it so far, and it’s not the machine’s fault that my wife is fussy. Oh, and the “warm” setting does not warm the output in any significant way. I guess if you want really warm vapors, you need a vaporizor instead.

I don’t think our water is hard, but I put one of those demineralization doohickeys in the water as instructed. I also put some peppermint “essential oil” on the little pad that slides in the back, but I couldn’t get the little sample bottle to give up much, so it faded out pretty quick. That’s OK. Apparently essential oil is optional. I have a hard time with this concept.

Anyway, there you have my observations…. The links to Amazon and Costco below, maybe the Amazon one will go on sale at some point.

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