Stranger Things Eggo Game; It’s evil Uno

Got my son the Stranger Things Eggo game, we played it once, but it’s basically overcooked Uno, The twist is that your character card gets flipped during play, and if it’s in the “upside down” you have to get it flipped back before you can win.

The instructions are to keep playing until only one player survives, but we just declared the first player to discard all cards and not be in the upside down to have won. Because who wants to be 2nd or 3rd?

It has a little cardboard toaster to draw cards from , although they in no way resemble waffles. Plus it tends to show the remaining cards to the players, but it hardly matters.

Personally I would have made a toaster that actually ejects the card-waffle from a hidden stack. Maybe beefed up those cards too, they are a bit flimsy.

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