July 24, 2021

Never Jet Hot

Collector of Advertising of the mid 20th Century.

What would TSA think of this portable Zenith?

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This portable (luggable?) Zenith radio featured a proprietary antenna that flipped out from the radio to pull in stronger or more distant am radio signals.

1940's zenith portable radio with wavemagnet $29.95

When stowed, it looked like a small, elegant suitcase. I have a https://neverjethot.com/blog/2019/02/25/happy-to-be-playing-again/ Zenith Transoceanic, which pulls in shortwave bands as well. It has a provision to run on batteries as well, but I wouldn’t call it “portable”. Wouldn’t it be sweet if devices had today’s technology, but the Zenith’s old world craftsmanship?

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