Month: November 2019

Old Ipana ad
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Bring it back! #112719

   November 27, 2019  0 Comments on Bring it back! #112719

Seems like every day I find that something is better the way it used to be. Case in point, Ipana…

Girl dreaming of a Christmas sweater
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Santa is in a minefield

   November 26, 2019  0 Comments on Santa is in a minefield

I never know what to get my wife for Christmas. They are pushing those fancy Pelotin exercise bikes on TV…

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Professional farts

   November 23, 2019  0 Comments on Professional farts

We used to own a novelty store. One day I was searching for wholesale remote control fart machines (Think whoopie…

Cash Grass or Ass sticker
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Cash, Grass, or…

   November 22, 2019  0 Comments on Cash, Grass, or…

I had a sticker on my dashboard years ago, the one that says “CASH GRASS or ASS*. Nobody rides for…

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Grandma’s soap saver

   November 21, 2019  0 Comments on Grandma’s soap saver

I was listening to the Larry Miller podcast, he was going on about saving soap slivers in the shower, somehow…

Schoolyard Fistfight
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OK bloomers

   November 12, 2019  0 Comments on OK bloomers

Here’s what the next moron that says “OK Boomer” needs. And your mother says you can do your own laundry…

Ripple shoe ad
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Wait until the other shoe drops

   November 10, 2019  0 Comments on Wait until the other shoe drops

These “Ripple” shoes probably were fun and different to wear, and maybe changed a person’s gait in a positive way….

Old Headache Powder envelope
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   November 7, 2019  0 Comments on MY BRAIN HURTS

I guess when your head hurts so bad that you can’t even stand the sight of a trademark stamp, you…

Soldier of Fortune Matinee ad
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Soldiers of Soda

   November 3, 2019  0 Comments on Soldiers of Soda

Back in the day, apparently you could get into the Saturday Matinee for what? A dollar? Thirty-Five cents? Nope! Just…

Molson beer ski patrol ad
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Life can be pleasant with Molson

   November 1, 2019  0 Comments on Life can be pleasant with Molson

Yes, life can be pleasant when you are holding your skis at something like port arms and someone is bringing…